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Accounting and TAX advice

Tax advice

With many expats moving to Tenerife, there is a need for the services of an accountant when starting a business in a foreign land.

The paperwork and red tape in Spain can be very daunting and a professional is needed to navigate the set-up of your business.

Why Hire an Accountant in Tenerife?

  • Book keeping and accounts preparation.
  • Preparation and filing of Spanish tax returns.
  • Spanish company formation.
  • Registration of new businesses for tax and social security.
  • Tax planning for individuals and small businesses.
  • Translation of financial documents from Spanish to English.
  • Tax advice on setting up a business in Spain.
  • Registration of the business at the Tax Office (Agencia Tributaria).
  • Completion and filing of quarterly IVA (VAT) and annual tax returns

Owners of Spanish property are subject to income tax even if the property is not rented out and are obliged to make annual declarations where the income tax is based on the rateable value (valor catastral) of the property.

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