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Maska Pirate village

21 Jun 2014

| Duration: 4:00 | Price per group: in a car up to 4 people - 85 Euro for a minivan up to 6 people. 135 Euro.

| Included: transfer by car or minivan, guide services

This is an incredible, one of the most rewarding excursions in Tenerife.

The tour passes through the Teide and the beautiful coast of northern Tenerife National Park, where there are some of the most beautiful natural places of Tenerife Gorge mask that lurked in the mountains of Los Gigantes.

On the road in the valley you will see the scenery at the foot of Mount Teide, formed by numerous eruptions, coniferous forest with the famous Canarian pine, and, of course, the gorge Mask, which is when it served as a haven for pirates.

However, the hike in the valley for pre-prepared tourists, but if you are brave, please indicate this in the request (the price of the tour will be calculated separately).

MASCA is a small mountain village on the island of Tenerife.

The village is home to about 80 residents. The village is situated at an altitude of 600 m in the mountains of Teno, which extend to the north-west point of Tenerife.

Until the 1960s the village was inaccessible by road.

In the center of the village there is a small square (the area) and a small church. High mountains surround the tiny village is a small peak near the center of the village. Forests, including cypress and palm trees abound.

Rocks and woods with an inclined angle of about 70 ° to 75 ° lies in the west. Grow potatoes and wheat, as well as fruits and vegetables in small quantities.

The village has a sufficient supply of water and plants are green.

This village is located at the mountain peaks of Masca valley. The trail from the village down the gorge to the beach on the Atlantic coast is a popular, though strenuous hike this route takes about 3 hours each way. Construction on two floors home- they built on the mountain slopes.

Some of the abandoned houses. The small bay of Masca believe former pirate haven, the coast is in the distance of a three-hour walk from the village, through the dramatic mountain scenery.


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