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Property Managment

Real estate in Tenerife – perfect investment in your future!

Our property management team saves you time and money. We use our experience and resources to handle all of the day-to-day duties concerned with your real estate.

The Prime Choice Property covers every aspect of owning a property, from the annual maintenance to organizing a fully project managed refurbishment of your home; we can take care of it all.

Up-to-date invoice payment, clarification of all household expenses, security, insurance and telecommunication connection (TV and Internet) – very important for real estate in any country. Moreover, one of the significant aspects of real estate management in Spain is juridical support. The right of permanent residence for your family members, participation and prompt tax payment and other important questions. Non-fulfilment of these obligations can provoke some difficulties later. Therefore, it is better to plan everything ahead and our company will help you with this!

The Prime Choice Property offers a Property Management program that provides a fully comprehensive designed to cover the needs of you and your home. Our service can be tailored to meet your needs, including:

  • Property Maintenance
  • Interior design and furnishing
  • Refurbishment
  • Welcome package
  • Car service
  • Renting out your property and collecting money for that

Do you travel a lot? Are you in Tenerife not all of the time? Do you use your property as a capital investment or for personal use? Our services can help you enjoy owning your property without any hassle. The Prime Choice will take care of your home in Tenerife as if it were our own. We can organize all the property maintenance. Our services include up-to-date invoice payment, communication control, alarm control system, house cleaning before and after your visit, garden maintenance and providing you essential information on forthcoming tenants meetings and on your property, on everything. If for any reason you have unresolved questions or doubts on your property in Tenerife – we will assist you with these problems.

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